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SigMath – Significant Maths for Adults: Enabling access across Europe

SigMath is a European project which aims to improve access to formal Maths qualifications for adult learners, especially those with lower education levels, through innovative, informal blended e-learning approaches. The project will develop interactive online tutorials, videos and assessments to develop understanding of key Maths concepts. It will provide adult learners with a more personalised learning experience and will allow learning to take place outside of the traditional teacher-led classroom.

The project involves six partners from five European countries including Ireland (H2 Learning, D8CEC), Italy (ISIS Malignani), Lithuania (Kaunas University of Technology), Spain (CECE – Spanish Confederation of Training Centres) and Northern Ireland (South Eastern Regional College). SigMath is a 2-year project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

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SigMath enables Adult Trainers & Education Providers to better respond to adult learners’ needs through development of informal and community based learning approaches for delivery of accredited Maths courses. By developing an online platform and by sharing good practice these tutors can also engage in lifelong learning by constantly improving their own knowledge. Ultimately the project wants to improve the quality of Maths teaching in community education centres around Europe and we believe ICT can assist in achieving this goal. The main beneficiaries of such a service are those adults who wish to return to education and improve their mathematical competences.

SigMath provides second chance Maths education to adults who left school early and had negative experiences in formal education.  By providing more adults with access to resources and materials they can extend their own learning outside of formal classroom contact time with tutors.  By attaining certification in Maths these learners will have greater opportunities when it comes to re-entering the workplace and in availing of further retraining or educational experiences.