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Project Partners

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H2, Ireland 

H2 Learning is a professional services organisation, providing a range of services in the area of ICT and education. H2 has extensive knowledge of the education ICT sector.

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D8CEC, Ireland 

D8CEC (Dublin 8 Community Education Centre) was established in 1996 and provides second chance education to over 450 adults, from the Dublin 8 community.

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ISIS Malignani, Italy 

ISIS Malignani represents one of the biggest Italian technical high schools as far as the number of students is concerned.

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Kaunas Technical University, Lithuania 

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is the largest technical university in Baltic states (17000 stud) and aims at improving the quality of distance education (DE) services.

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 South Eastern Regional College , Northern Ireland

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is one of six regional Colleges delivering further and higher education in Northern Ireland.

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 Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza, Spain

The Spanish Confederation of Education and Training Centres (CECE) is a non-profit employers´ and professional organization founded in 1977.

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